First impressions will forever count

This blog is currently in development along with a suite of online and social media platforms I’m pulling together to share context, advice and know-how about the Queenstown property market.

I’ll be flicking the switch November 1st to allow Google and others to seek me out, but not before I create some relevant content.

I’m a real estate professional and one of the team at Locations Realty. While not front line sales I’m very much plugged-into our busy Queenstown office and love the  cut-n-thrust and competitiveness that prevails within our local real estate sector.

Online and social media means less initial face-to-face contact, reduced foot traffic through the doors and fewer phone enquiries for realtors.
Digital impressions are now first impressions.

There you have it in a nutshell. I’m looking to create positive first and lasting impressions online.

Watch this space from November 1st. Go ahead, subscribe to receive future posts.

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