Opinion: The game changers

By Olly Newland-March 2011 / www.ollynewland.co.nz

 “The events of the past three years (and especially the events of the past three weeks) have changed the economic environment to a new place for a long time to come.
The changes have meant severe financial stress for many, and it is now increasingly difficult to predict with any certainty the direction of the property market (or any market) so as to make rational decisions on the future.
The main ‘Game Changers’, in my view, are listed below. As more changes arise it will require a continuing nimbleness of mind and decision-making to keep ahead of the game.”
“Lower interest rates – not seen in this country in a generation – are a game changer of extreme importance.”
“Will the Christchurch quake help the building industry?
In the long run yes. However I believe it will be years before the industry can make a real start in that city, and certainly not while the shaking continues.”

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