Latest New Zealand Property Report for July 2011.

The July 2011 NZ Property Report published by provides
an insight into the state of the New Zealand property market as measured by the supply side of the property market over the month of July. The key measures of the market analysed in the report are the number of new listings, the asking price expectation for those new listings and the level of inventory of unsold houses on the market at this time. The report is compiled from data captured by their website and represents close to 95% of all property movements in the NZ market as managed by licensed real estate agents.


This trend of falling property inventory off the back of rising sales and shortages of new listings began a couple of months ago in Auckland and then spread out through the major metropolitan areas into provincial NZ. The level of new listings coming onto the market in July fell again to 8,966. This represented a 15% year-on-year decline but a marginal 1% seasonally adjusted rise from June. On a 12 month moving basis the number of new listings in the past year totals 124,228 as compared 145,733 for the same period a year ago – a fall of 15%.

The national asking price expectation fell in July by 3.8% vs the recent 3-month average, this performance was mirrored across the regions with 14 regions showing a fall of which 4 reported asking price falls of more than 5%.

Countering this trend were 5 regions showing strength in asking price growth the most significant region being the Central Otago Lakes region including the key center of Queenstown, this saw a 7.4% rise in asking price to $581,666 – this is 10% up on a seasonally adjusted basis which when reviewed against the shortage of listings and low inventory would seem to highlight that the Queenstown property market is gathering pace again with recent 3 months sales volume up 26%.

Click here to read the 8–page report.

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