HSBC Premier is the latest bank to offer lower fixed home loan rates.

HSBC’s new two year rate has dropped by 23 basis points and its four year rate dropped 25 basis points.
While offering these lower rates HSBC is still offering customers insurance incentives on its Premier insurance packages that can allow a further 1% to be knocked off their fixed home loan rates.
“With the European debt crisis in full swing a number of investors are looking for financial certainty in areas they can control – such as with their home loan, which is why fixed rates can be so attractive to them at the moment,” HSBC’s head of retail and wealth management John Barclay says.
It has also seen a trend amongst its Premier customers of mixing their home loan rates between fixed and floating to give themselves options says Mr Barclay.
HSBC’s floating rate is currently at 5.99%.
HSBC’s new Premier fixed home loan rates:
6 months 5.49 %
1 year 5.65 %
2 years 5.87%
3 years 6.40 %
4 years 6.80 %
5 years 7.20 %


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