Latest New Zealand Property Report

DSC_5885-HDRThe latest New Zealand Property Report is published by provides insight into the state of the New Zealand property market as measured by the supply side of the property market.

Excerpt—“ Nationally the property market saw some stabilisation in March, with a mean asking price of $444,883, a small increase of 0.3% on February, but a growth of 4% on the same time last year, close to the $446,277 record set in November 2012. The average asking price (seasonally adjusted truncated mean) in both Auckland and Canterbury climbed further in March, reaching their 2nd highest recorded figures of $610,628, and 438,298 respectively.

The number of new listings fell slightly to 12,732, down 3% on February and down 4% year on year. However, the decrease in new listings was particularly apparent in the major centres, where the number of new listings in the main centres is not keeping up with demand, Wellington and Canterbury experiencing falls of 9.9% and 8.6% respectively from the same time last year, with Auckland’s figure falling by 4.6%.

In total 8 regions reported asking price increases from February, the most significant rises was seen in the Hawkes Bay region, up 5.1% to an asking price of $354,225. Of the 11 regions witnessing asking price falls on a seasonally adjusted basis there were three that reported a fall of greater than 5%, Central Otago / Lakes fell by 5.8% from the record set last month to $604,824, Gisborne fell 9.5% to $287,097, and Takanaki witnessed the largest drop, falling by 14.1% to $282,019.”

Read the full 8-page report here

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