Renting out your property to holidaymakers

The ‘share economy’… It’s all the rage at the moment.

Using a platform to trade goods or services person-to-person, cutting out the middle man, reducing barriers to entry for sellers, and bringing down prices for buyers.

Think Harmoney, Trade Me, Airbnb, Uber, Bookabach and PledgeMe.

What’s not to love about this age-old concept, revamped and improved by technology?We’ve all heard how the share economy is ‘disrupting’ the market, as it’s giving individuals new ways to become entrepreneurs, and consumers new ways to buy stuff.

Using Bookabach and Airbnb to look for a holiday home to escape to during my summer break, it hit me just how much the success of the share economy hinges on trust. I trust the owner of the bach I’m hiring to be honest in their description of the place, and they’re trusting I’m not a ‘crazy’ who’s going to damage their property.

Read the full article online here:ID-10013861 Source:

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