At my desk musing about 2016—-

Expectations around real estate customer service now defy the laws of physics. Tightly gripping their Smartphone and miss a customer’s moment of need whatever the day and time, and we might not get another chance.

Snooze you lose in 2016!

Our sellers endless price growth is the only expectation that needs tempered with a dash of realism.

Knowledge sharing, proven business process, smart tactical execution by good people leads to great outcomes ahead for our customers in 2016

 Low interest rates make mortgages cheaper, not the price paid for the property.

A subtle yet important difference when deciding how big a slice of property pie to move on.

 Making it easier for our future seller customers to know where to turn as they luxuriate in choice of Queenstown real estate brands. Deciphering a brands value proposition and point difference to disrupt customer expectations around sales commission has to be a key goal. Do this exceedingly well and reward follows.

Here’s to finding the Holy Grail by flaunting what customers actually want and appreciate rather than hiding behind the security of sameness.

Take inspiration from others; ask yourself the hard questions and get on and address common pain points in your life to make the life of those you love, care about and work alongside more enriched.

Here’s to twenty sixteen. Let’s get going!

Steve Lindsay musing on the year ahead

Steve Lindsay musing on the year ahead

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