Earthy, real culture is great to be part of!

Having made the recent transition from the management team with Professionals Invercargill to a green shoot role as BDM with the Professionals Group I’d like to think it should be straight forward in terms of my ability to clearly convey brand benefits.

The talent pool seeking a brand change and or to go next level in their real estate career through ownership, should expect I can share a brand narrative that communicates both hard and soft brand assets. Brand fit naturally is key for both parties.

Promoting the intangible elements associated with the Professionals brand values, culture, and persona; well let’s face it there is there is nothing to see and a tad trickier, requiring thought. One thing I have observed is that as a non-franchise model Professionals people are not corporate cloned which is nice.

The tangible or “hard” assets, such as business process, compliance, technology enablement, recruitment/ retention, sales strategy etc. have delivered long-term operational success across the group since brand inception in 1976.

Having met several member owners, their unique leadership styles have created an earthy, grounded, and real culture that is great to be part of. I do not expect I can package this up and put a ribbon around it, hence I will be encouraging prospective new members to fact-find by talking to our people.

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