One hour wisely invested today, to pick up on some really good stuff.

10am -11am today, a rollercoaster hour packed with some really good stuff—-

Just off a great Zoom event along with colleagues from across the Professionals group with one of Australasia’s best real estate luminaries Mr. Lee Woodward presenting and sharing.

Here are some random take-outs.

  • New is great, and do not expect to revert back to the old default way of doing business.
  • Salespeople consider connecting with fewer people for better reasons
  • Delete ‘buyers’ from one’s vocab and substitute with ‘purchaser community’ and connect with continuous planned marketing.
  • Communication styles have changed. The goal now is to be connected with the right people at the right time, with the right info.
  • There is a powerful difference between a client being known to us versus a new client. Existing client’s needs and wants should be known and can acted upon real time, versus the time required to truly discover and validate new client needs.

Well done Lee!

Check out the presenter Mr. Lee Woodward:

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