Bio to be helpful, informative and credible.

Do yourself a favour to stop, take five and read your real estate bio on the companies ‘our team’ page. Yesterday’s performance in some instances may not correlate to how you are travelling today.

I’m currently undertaking some prospect research across multiple brands to build and information asset to support my new BDM role. Following are some observations.

  • I felt truly inspired and in awe of many award-winning salespersons, that year after year have consistently achieved high performance rankings for their brand. They clearly possess talent, skills, and leverage a systemised approach to their business, being the busy people.  In many cases they have layered up with PA’s and or sales associates forming a team to create market momentum. A quick look at their current listings and they are well stocked and their bio’s match reality as high performers focused on positive outcomes.
  • There are other bio’s with salespeople promoting historical agency awards from 5 years and longer ago, yet today they sit on one and often no listings at all. The reality is these agents need to think like a start up to reignite their careers. Hopefully their sales managers are having upfront discussions, offering guidance and support to stop further regression. Their bios should be reviewed and dialled back to reflect reality as the embellished wordsmith spin needs to be earnt to be credible. The public can quickly assimilate how the salesperson is travelling and their sometimes-negative perception can be hard to shift. Bio content that’s clearly passed it’s used by date is neither helpful nor credible.
  • There was clearly a strong intake of new salesperson’s back in February and March looking at their licence issue dates. Naturally they haven’t been active long enough to be recognised by the company and peers at annual awards. Reading their personal and career pathways highlights just how deep the talent pool is from which the sector draws new people to a real estate career. What staggers me is their agency company will hang them out in the public domain with no listings against their name. Some agencies attempt to mask reality by assigning the one property listing across multiple salespersons to show they have stock to sell. Why onboard new salesperson’s if they can’t be actively coached to consistently carry 1-2 exclusive listings. I hope next time I review these bios there are happy vendor testimonials dominating the script and listing levels have moved up.

Prospective vendors just like me research, and bios need to be kept fresh, current and credible.

I’m getting good at reading the individuals bio first, then clicking their ‘latest listings’ button only to find my perception is more accurate and a mismatch to the words of their bio.

Maybe the sales manager at every performance review meeting could start by passing over a copy of the salespersons bio and asking them what needs changed (if anything). Things just got real in this scenario and that’s not a bad thing unless that conversation is handled poorly.

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