No Property Park Up Pre Elections 2020

Highest number of properties sold in NZ for 42 months, according to latest REINZ data The number of residential properties sold in September across New Zealand increased by 37.1% from the same time last year (from 6,112 to 8,377

Bindi Norwell, Chief Executive at REINZ says: “Normally one month out from an election, people start to take a wait and see approach and sales volumes begin easing off. However, 2020 appears to continue in its trend of being an anomaly, with the number of properties since March 2017, when the country was last experiencing such growth.

Highlighting just how much sales volumes around the country continue to defy expectations, 13 regions had annual sales volumes increases in excess of 20% and 10 regions had increases in excess of 30% – the highest number of regions with this level of sales volume increase since April 2015,” continues Norwell.

Read the REINZ market report here:

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