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One hour wisely invested today, to pick up on some really good stuff.

10am -11am today, a rollercoaster hour packed with some really good stuff—-

Just off a great Zoom event along with colleagues from across the Professionals group with one of Australasia’s best real estate luminaries Mr. Lee Woodward presenting and sharing.

Here are some random take-outs.

  • New is great, and do not expect to revert back to the old default way of doing business.
  • Salespeople consider connecting with fewer people for better reasons
  • Delete ‘buyers’ from one’s vocab and substitute with ‘purchaser community’ and connect with continuous planned marketing.
  • Communication styles have changed. The goal now is to be connected with the right people at the right time, with the right info.
  • There is a powerful difference between a client being known to us versus a new client. Existing client’s needs and wants should be known and can acted upon real time, versus the time required to truly discover and validate new client needs.

Well done Lee!

Check out the presenter Mr. Lee Woodward:

Individuals who know their strengths form better teams

Watching the half-time huddle at the rugby in the weekend made me think about who supports and trains the captain and the senior leadership players. Like their teammates they have been in the thick of the game, yet it is all eyes and ears on them for what needs done or improved upon before the whistle blows game on again.
In real estate, the agency principal and branch manager are key leadership roles. The Professionals board recognise this and convene a ‘huddle’ for the leadership team to gather from across the country to connect and share. The really smart aspect of this event is an invitation is extended to a select number of future leaders from within the group. Recalling my first attendance at the 2019 event, the chatter was constant over the two days; so, bring on Rotorua 2020.

Earthy, real culture is great to be part of!

Having made the recent transition from the management team with Professionals Invercargill to a green shoot role as BDM with the Professionals Group I’d like to think it should be straight forward in terms of my ability to clearly convey brand benefits.

The talent pool seeking a brand change and or to go next level in their real estate career through ownership, should expect I can share a brand narrative that communicates both hard and soft brand assets. Brand fit naturally is key for both parties.

Promoting the intangible elements associated with the Professionals brand values, culture, and persona; well let’s face it there is there is nothing to see and a tad trickier, requiring thought. One thing I have observed is that as a non-franchise model Professionals people are not corporate cloned which is nice.

The tangible or “hard” assets, such as business process, compliance, technology enablement, recruitment/ retention, sales strategy etc. have delivered long-term operational success across the group since brand inception in 1976.

Having met several member owners, their unique leadership styles have created an earthy, grounded, and real culture that is great to be part of. I do not expect I can package this up and put a ribbon around it, hence I will be encouraging prospective new members to fact-find by talking to our people.

Southland- Highest June sales count in 13 years.

“The Southland region saw a 19.8% increase in median prices from $283,750 in June 2019 to $340,000 in June 2020. Additionally, the REINZ House Price Index increased 12.2% year-on-year, the largest increase for the South Island. Sales volumes also increased 27.7% annually, the second highest increase in sales volumes across all regions and the highest June sales count in 13 years.

The market has been particularly busy this month with approximately 50% more attendees at open homes compared to last month. New listings also increased significantly by 59.0%, the highest increase across all regions. There have been similar number of investors in the market, likely attracted by the low interest rates.

The increase in activity across the market is likely due to the post-lockdown catch-up currently occurring. It will be interesting to see how the market will react in the coming months as we near election time.” Bindi Norwell REINZ CEO

  • Median Sell Price June 2020: Invercargill City $348,000 and Southland Wide $320,000
  • Current Days to Sell of 33 days is less than the 10-year average for June which is 40 days. There were 24 weeks of inventory in June 2020 which was 13 weeks more than the same time last year.

Australian Reserve Bank considered asking for real estate transaction ‘pause.’

New Zealand GDP is our country’s total income: if we add everyone’s income, from household wages to business profits and government surpluses we get GDP. GDP can also be measured as the value of all the goods and services produced in the economy. In New Zealand this is the preferred the measure of economic activity.

To measure the value of goods and services is to calculate the total expenditure on consumption, investment and exports, less the spending on imports. This is probably the most intuitive way to think about the economy: our production is determined by how much people are willing to spend.

As per below it is interesting Australian Reserve Bank economists consider public sentiment around real estate and property ownership as an indicator not to be ignored as a potential flashpoint for dragging down their economy.

Source: ABC News-By business reporter Daniel Ziffer.

“Reserve Bank economists considered urging the Federal Government to shut down the real estate industry, “pausing” sales of established homes to avoid perceptions of a coronavirus-inspired housing market crash.”

Read ABC News story here:

Southland also holds the second highest rental yield in the country.

Source: Stuff online:

“Southland is still the best performing region for residential property investors, according to a Real Estate Institute of New Zealand report.

The Capital Gains and Rental Yield Report says capital gains in Southland has increased by 22 per cent for the three months ending March when compared to the same time last year – the second highest capital gains in the country. Southland also holds the second highest yield in the country, which increased 4.8 per cent year-on-year”

Read full article on Stuff here:

Steve’s commentary—–A quick bit of desktop research on Trademe shows there are currently 62 rentals available to let across Invercargill City with 33% of this total listed to let 10-17 June. It will be interesting to track tenancy uptake on this broad range of inventory. Conversely listed FOR SALE  on the same property portal there are 331 residential dwellings in the city available to purchase representing an excellent cross-section of price points and geo-locations affording choice for investors.

Steve- Get a Hair Cut and Get a Real Job!

Right now, there are a lot of really talented people, who like me mutually decided to leave their employment with Covid-19 having changed their employer’s situation or direction.

Needing a plan beyond looking at the upcoming releases on Netflix was a no brainer. First task; post this video to register Steve Lindsay as a strong blip on recruiters’ radar.

Steve’s video click here:

Inspiration for this post came from the song by George Thorogood and the Destroyers- Get  a Hair Cut released as a single from their 1992 album-Haircut.