If you were climbing Everest you wouldn’t just buy the most expensive sleeping bag, you’d choose the one that gives you comfort, confidence and in the end, the best all-round performance.

And let’s face it, it’s the same in real estate. What really matters is relevant market advice and know-how to  navigate obstacles to achieve your goal; and that’s where I can assist to add real value in a meaningful credible way.

So for my buyer clients I nurture and facilitate  the dream of property ownership and investment.

And for our seller clients  make sure nothing gets lost in translation when we’re asked to price a property competitively; market it effectively; keep clients informed; find a buyer, and bring in an offer that makes sense.

And only if the sales consultant is willing to commit to all of this should you do business together.

So why engage Steve Lindsay- Sales Consultant, Colliers International?

•   Because you’ll be harnessing a proven, potent mix of skills and experience in listing, marketing and selling property.

•   Because I’m self-employed which means results are everything, every day.

•   Because Queenstown is where I’ve lived and worked for 31 years, so you always get to talk to a local who understands Queenstown’s unique community and social fabric.

•   Because more than 18 years of executive management in one of New Zealand’s highest profile tourism enterprises brings a thorough knowledge of Queenstown’s business culture, community and economic drivers.

•   Because you get the experience of more than three decades of hands-on international sales and marketing

•   Because I’m competitive and I know how best to leverage the support of a great team of sales colleagues for my clients benefit